A small difference in heel height when purchasing new shoes can have consequences for walking in people with an amputation. In this study we examine the effects of these small heel height changes.

There is no scientific evidence on the effects of small differences in shoe heel height. To gain knowledge, 14 volunteers with a below-knee amputation participated in our study.

In the 3D-gait lab of the Sint Maartenskliniek, their walking pattern was recorded while walking with various shoe inlays of different heights.  Their results were compared with those of 15 healthy volunteers.

The results show that a difference of half a centimeter leads to a change in roll-over pattern. This effect was not found among the healthy participants. Finally, prosthetic walkers indeed experienced a higher heel height as less comfortable.

Within this project we cooperate with:

  • Yvo Koekkoek, OIM
  • René van Ee, rehabilitation physician Sint Maartenskliniek