The N.E.C. Parateam is a sports- and lifestyle program for people with a lower-limb amputation, organized by the Sint Maartenskliniek, N.E.C. Nijmegen, Stichting Koprol and Uniek Sporten. In this study we evaluate the physical fitness of the participants and the effect on their physical activity in their daily life.

The N.E.C. Parateam has opened its second sports season, now including a total of 14 participants. It starts with a 6-week intensive training period at the Sint Maartenskliniek. During the following 8 months, participants try out a large variety of sports, hoping to find a sport that fits them well.


We investigate the effect of participation in the N.E.C. Parateam on walking speed, balance, energy consumption during walking, physical activity in daily life, and quality of life. Therefore, the participants perform several on-site and home measurements before the start of the program, after 6 weeks and after 12 months.

Our project team:

  • Petra Peters, physiotherapeut Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Joyce Ott-Janssen, sports activities supervisor Sint Maartenskliniek
  • René van Ee, rehabilitation physician Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Prashant Komdeur, PhD, sports physician SMCP
  • Tom Langenhuyzen, Orthotist-Prosthetist OIM
  • Verious prosthetists, OIM Orthopedie