People with a spinal cord injury lack the sense of self-movement and body position under the level of lesion. Yet, this information is essential in maintaining postural stability in an exoskeleton. This study investigates whether posture and movement feedback improves the use of an exoskeleton in people with a spinal cord injury.

People with a complete spinal cord injury who are able to walk independently in the ReWalk exoskeleton are trained with the posture and movement feedback. Subsequently, the effect of the feedback is examined during a standing and walking exercise. The posture and movement feedback is given with help of vibrations on the chest. Five small vibrating motors (tactors) are placed on the chest. Which tactor vibrates depends on the weight distribution on both legs. An insole in both shoes measures the weight on the left and/or right leg.

The research has started in October 2020 and will end in February 2021.