The ReMotion Knee is an affordable prosthetic knee, mostly used in developing countries. We compare the ReMotion Knee with prosthetic knees that are currently used in The Netherlands.

The ReMotion Knee is an affordable prosthetic knee ($80), designed for people with a lower-limb amputation in developing countries. The knee may also be suitable for use in western countries, possibly lowering the costs of health care.


To evaluate the knee, 9 volunteers participated in this study. The performed a set of walking- and balance tests with own prosthetic knee and with the ReMotion Knee.


Participants performed better with their own prosthetic knee. However, the differences were smaller than expected. Points of improvement were given that may increase the ReMotion Knees chance to succeed in the western world.


Within this project we cooperated with:

  • Mark van Houdenhoven, Board of Directors
  • Ir. R.F. (René) van Ee
  • Tom Langenhuyzen, OIM Orthopedie
  • Marco Ketelaars, OIM Orthopedie