With this research project, we want to investigate the effect of orthopedic shoes on gait adaptability. Also, we want to determine the relationship between footwear characteristics and gait adaptability. Orthopedic shoes are commonly used as an intervention for HMSN patients to improve stability during standing and walking.

These orthopedic shoes aim to improve balance control and the walking pattern. However, orthopedic shoes could also have negative effects, which might reduce the ability to adjust the walking pattern (reduced gait adaptability). 20 HMSN patients will conduct standing and walking tasks in combination with perturbations on the GRAIL wearing both orthopedic shoes and regular shoes. Also, footwear characteristics of the orthopedic shoes will be collected.

Within this project we cooperate with:

  • Yvette Kerkum, PhD, Manager research and development OIM Orthopedie
  • Garik Khatschatrian, Manager OIM location Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Cock Vergeer, Manager Zorgcontractering en Business Development