Efficacy of the Myosuit

People with incomplete spinal cord injury experience walking impairments, which negatively impact quality of life. In this research project the efficacy of the Mysouit will be evaluated for increasing gait capacity and daily life gait performance in the home and community setting in people with incomplete spinal cord injury.

The Myosuit is an exosuit that supports lower limb movements initiated by the user. A randomized controlled trial will be performed to evaluate the efficacy of the Myosuit in the home- and community setting. After completing a training program in the Sint Maartenskliniek, participants will receive the Myosuit at their disposal at home for six weeks. We will examine whether the Myosuit will improve daily life gait performance.

Secondary, after completing a training program gait capacity with and without wearing the Myosuit will be evaluated.

The research project will start in April 2022 and will end in December 2024.

The project team:

  • Noël Keijsers, researcher Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Lara Visch, researcher Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Brenda Groen, researcher Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Ilse van Nes, rehabilitation physician Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Sander Geurts, rehabilitation physician Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Patrick Koomen, physical therapist spinal cord injury Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Cebrahil Tatu, physical therapist spinal cord injury Sint Maartenskliniek